Christmas Present Ideas

Jesus Sees Us is a perfect Christian Birthday gift

Share the message of Jesus with all the children in your life. Jesus Sees Us makes the perfect Christmas present. The holiday season is a time for children to remember the importance of giving to others and loving one another, and the Jesus Sees Us doll and book are truly the gift that keeps giving.


Perfect Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas gifts for kids, especially religious Christmas gifts based on the Christian faith, are hard to come by. Jesus Sees Us is one of the only Christian Christmas gifts that focuses on faith and provides an age-appropriate introduction to Jesus in a playful, engaging way.

You can search an entire toy store and not find any religious Christmas gifts. We think there is room for a Christian Christmas gift under your tree, and that’s why we designed Jesus Sees Us. Jesus Sees Us is designed to introduce your children to Jesus, engage them in the Christian faith through age-appropriate stories, and present lessons to them to help them learn valuable lessons based on our Christian faith.

Christian Christmas gift ideas are generally focused on the nativity and birth of Jesus. Jesus Sees Us is an engaging doll based on the grown-up Jesus. The book focuses on the life of Jesus, and it presents lessons based on Jesus’s life and miracles.

The commercial aspect of Christmas is hard to ignore. The average consumer spends over $700 on gifts for Christmas. Between gifts, parties, feasts, and decorations, Christmas in America seems to be getting more and more commercial and extravagant, and less Christian. It’s time to bring Christ back into Christmas with Jesus Sees Us!