Picture from JesusSeesUs family christian book

A picture from Jesus Sees Us family Christian book

What would prevent your child from seeing Jesus as a superhero? When children learn that He walked on water, calmed storms, healed sick people, and came back to life…what else would they think?!  For children, learning about Jesus can be wildly exciting when they realize how amazing He is. This year, instead of the Barbies, princesses, and GI Joes, give your child the greatest gift of all—faith, in the form of the ultimate superhero. Jesus Sees Us is their first window into faith and learning about Jesus’ unconditional, “superpower” love.

A Christian Book & Gift

The Jesus Sees Us accompanying book is designed to be read with your child. The illustrations and easy-to-read lessons, along with the Jesus Sees Us doll, have the power to ignite your child’s love of Jesus. The book will assist them in their comprehension of who Jesus is and all the amazing things He did while He was on the earth. Children are able to understand the key concepts of the lessons and will amazingly begin using them in their everyday lives.

A child’s ability to learn about Jesus comes in stages. Jesus Sees Us assists your child in taking those first steps by breaking down many of the most important lessons that make up the root of our Christian faith. Each illustrated story introduces Jesus in a relatable way, allowing them to better understand how they can carry out regular everyday tasks that make Jesus smile. The Jesus Sees Us book is illustrated in a way that draws children into the pictures, and therefore, into the lessons. Children learn about God’s love when they learn about Jesus’ actions.