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The Family Christian Book

The Jesus Sees Us book is included with the Jesus doll. This family Christian book is made up of timeless Christian lessons and explores the Beatitudes in a way that is clear and engaging for children. Each lesson is introduced through Jesus and then further explored in a modern day scenario, showing children how they can positively model their behavior after Jesus. It is an age-appropriate introduction to Jesus’ life and teachings that encourages children to act in ways that are Jesus-like through example.

Each lesson opens up a possibility for discussion with your child about how they would handle the different situations, creating a confidence and pride about their own actions and decisions.

Each story in the book was carefully selected to highlight the most important and relatable teachings of our faith. Children are able to engage with the characters visually, emotionally, and intellectually while they read and discuss the valuable lessons with an adult. Each Bible story is then re-interpreted with child characters that your children can connect to. By understanding the positive and negative actions of the characters, they will be more likely to make the right decisions in their own lives.

The book explores passages like Matthew 14:13-21, by breaking it down into the relatable and understandable message of how important it is to share:

One day a little boy shared his lunch with Jesus. Jesus had a big crowd of people with Him. He took the small lunch of only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, and He used that to feed thousands of people. This was a miracle!  

All good Christians share with others because Jesus taught us to. Share your toys with your friends and family! It is so much more fun to play with someone else than by yourself, and sharing is a way to show you care and make everyone feel special and included!


Click here for a sample PDF of the Book.


jesus sees us book sample page 2jesus sees us book sample page 2


This lesson, as well as the topics of respect, forgiveness, kindness, prayer, trust, and faith are explained and celebrated through simple, beautiful illustrations, so that even the youngest of children are able to comprehend. And the root of Jesus’ message remains relevant as they mature!

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