First Holy Communion Ideas

JesusSeesUs First Communion GIft

There are many Christian views on the importance of the Eucharist and the Holy Sacrament of the First Communion. Jesus Sees Us is a perfect First Holy Communion idea for many of these blessed events:

  • Roman Catholics recognize the first communion, or “Eucharist,” which is translated from Greek as “thanksgiving,” as an important sacrament. Why not include Jesus Sees Us as a gift for this Roman Catholic sacrament?
  • Orthodox Catholics recognize the sacrament in a similar way as the Roman Catholics, but use the term “Mystery” instead of Eucharist. Why not add Jesus Sees Us as a gift for the Orthodox Divine Liturgy gift-giving?
  • In the Lutheran faith, there is a Sacramental Union of the bread and wine with the body and blood of Christ. Why not give the gift of Jesus Sees Us for this Sacramental Union?
  • Many other Christian faiths, including the Baptist, Reformed and Presbyterian faiths, refer to the Eucharist as the Lord’s Supper or the Holy Communion. Jesus Sees Us is a perfect gift for a child of any Christian faith to commemorate first communion or other milestone of faith.