How do you teach your child about Jesus?

Introduce to Jesus Christ with the JesusSeesUs Doll

Each story in the book was carefully selected to highlight the most important and relatable teachings of our faith. Children are able to engage with the characters visually, emotionally, and intellectually while they read and discuss the valuable lessons with an adult. Each Bible story is then re-interpreted with child characters that your children can connect to. By understanding the positive and negative actions of the characters, they will be more likely to make the right decisions in their own lives.

The Jesus Sees Us book is made up of timeless Christian lessons and explores the Beatitudes in a way that is clear and engaging for children. Each lesson is introduced through Jesus and then further explored in a modern day scenario, showing children how they can positively model their behavior after Jesus. Even preschool-aged children are able to take the key concepts of Jesus’ teachings in the book and apply them to their own decision making.

Jesus Sees Us Family Christian Book

The lessons speak about what good Christian behavior means and show how gratifying it is to live as Jesus teaches us. Children require and crave affirmation as they navigate their way through life. The Jesus Christ doll and teachings discussed in the book are tools that children can use to help them understand the magnitude of Jesus’ love. They are able to make connections between His teachings and making the right decisions, further affirming their positive behavior.

Each lesson opens up a possibility for discussion with your child about how they would handle different situations, creating a confidence and pride about their own actions and decisions.

The Jesus Sees Us book is a great christening gift for boys and girls.