Meet The Moms


Endale’s Mom

Kelly McCourt began her Christian faith at young age.  She grew up in Baptist school and then graduated from Baylor University.  After Baylor, Kelly got involved in Bible studies as a means to further grow in her faith.  She attended church, but wanted to learn more.  Bible Study Fellowship was the Bible study she chose and she completed eight years in this program.  She attended in Dallas, New York City, London and Houston.  She was an adult bible leader in several cities and taught the children’s program for BSF for four years.  Kelly and Bryan have both traveled the world and done mission work.  Kelly and her husband Bryan decided to adopt a child from Ethiopia and they are the blessed parents to their son, Endale.  Kelly dedicates this book to her son so that he will grow up understanding Jesus’ love and presence.

DSC_1598 (2)Scarlett & Lainey’s Mom

Maureen Longua Bueltmann lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters. Raised in a religious family, Maureen attended Catholic school through college, where she studied Theology and Philosophy at University of Dayton and DePaul University.  After college, she began teaching CCD to her young nephew’s class and realized just how eager children are for knowledge and faith. Once a mother, Maureen recognized that same desire in her own daughter and set out to find the best way to engage children through Faith.